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So, about that weather…

So, about that weather…



Heather Knoch began playing quidditch in Spring 2011 after finally making peace with the fact that she was not going to be accepted into Hogwarts. Thanks to her background in softball she has powerfully accurate throws, and has become a Beater that is known for instilling fear in her opponents with her determined glare, her mid-field sniper shots, and her impressive use of physicality. She has been named as a Beater to watch out for by The Golden Snitchy (Tumblr), and is striving to make herself known across the Quidworld. Heather currently lives in Long Island, NY and is venturing to create her own team.

Tim Keaney found his way into Quidditch while filming a package for a Hofstra television sports show in the beginning of Fall Semester 11. His first real game and tournament was in World Cup V as a chaser. Since then he has been an active member of the Hofstra Flying Dutchman performing in tournaments such as the Stony Brook Classic and the Shell-Shocking Spectacular. His only disappointment is not finding Quidditch sooner.

Casey Sabal is a fairly new player to Quidditch, having only started in October 2011. After seeing her impressive skill set and her determination to the sport, the NY Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs recruited her as one of their starting females for the World Cup. Her impressive skill set rests in her beginnings as a soccer player and the fact that Casey is a former NCAA Division II Soccer Player for Queens College. Casey has a love for the sport of Quidditch and a determination to become the best female chaser in the Quidworld that is matched by no one. Originally trained to be a beater, her true colors showed when she was played as a Chaser. Casey has an uncanny ability to use her smaller 5’5 body to tackle and take-down any player on the pitch, no matter their size. 

Harry Greenhouse is a freshman chaser and seeker who started playing quidditch this year for University of Maryland. He has played in multiple tournaments counting the World Cup V for Maryland, and is looking forward to achieving continued excellence at Maryland. His favorite quidditch moment is when he made a game winning snitch catch against Villanova.

Patrick Rardin hails from Leonardtown, MD and started playing Quidditch 2 years ago. He has served as captain of UMD Quidditch and has been the leading goal scorer since joining. In his first season Patrick sported the nickname “NightHawk” on his jersey in his first year, a name he would be recognized by across the mid-atlantic but now has earned another title in Hat-Trick Patrick due to his curse of averaging 3 goals per game.

Jayke Archibald began his quidditch career as Hofstra University’s snitch in 2011, but soon changed over to play chaser. Jayke helped Hofstra overcome Kansas at World Cup V as well as avenge their loss to Emerson at that cup in the recent Stony Brook Classic. Jayke’s favorite quidditch memory is winning the Penn State Nittany Cup where he played for the Maryland Marauders community team and also met his current girlfriend Erin.

Ricky Nelson hailing from New York City started playing quidditch the spring of 2010 on the newborn Maryland quidditch team.  Playing all positions at the start he has since found his niche as a formidable beater.  Having captained the MD Marauders at WCV and playing in several tournaments in the past year he is well experienced.  In a sport full of magic and wonder he knocks people back to reality with a swift bludger.

Jessica Klein is a huge Harry Potter fan and has been an athlete since the age of 5 so it’s no surprise that she discovered the sport of Quidditch and immediately fell in love with it.  She is a Chaser and Seeker for the NY Badassilisks and started playing with the team in March 2011.  Jessica is passionate and energetic, always sports face paint at quidditch events and can often be heard cheering on her teammates and friends, both on and off the pitch.

Josh Marks grew up in Wayne New Jersey before deciding to attend the University of Maryland for college. Shortly after beginning school in September 2011, he joined the quidditch team. He has since attend many tournaments including the World Cup V. He is proud to have helped the University of Maryland to their first ever tournament victory at the Siruis Blacksburg Brawl held in February 2012. He will be taking over as the captain of The University of Maryland quidditch team for the 2012-2013 season and looks forward to continuing to improve the quidditch program. 

Erin Mallory joined the Maryland Flying Wizard Turtles of College Park as a chaser in Fall 2011 when she was in her first semester there as a freshman. Since joining the team, she has competed in Maryland’s First Annual Turtle Cup (2nd), World Cup V, Virginia Tech’s Sirius Blacksburg Brawl (1st), Penn State 2nd Annual Nittany Lion Tournament (1st), Stony Brook Tournament (2nd), and Maryland’s First Annual Shell Shocking Spectacular.  Erin’s favorite aspect of the game is proving that girls can be just as good as chasers as guys and are a viable part to any chaser line.

Jenna Jankowski plays beater for the Macaulay Honors College team from New York City. She is the captain and founder of the team which has been in existence since this past fall. She is from Staten Island, NY. 

Steve DiCarlo started playing quidditch in November 2011, when he founded and began captaining Hofstra University’s team. Since graduation, he has played as a mercenary on countless local teams, including JND, Skidmore and Rutgers. His favorite quidditch memories include making the game-winning snitch grab against Kansas at World Cup V and winning the Penn State Nittany Cup alongside the Maryland Marauders.

Matt Panico began his quidditch career as starting keeper for Johns Hopkins University. After two years and one World Cup he made the unfortunate mistake of graduating and was forced to leave the team behind. Now in graduate school, he has found a second home as a chaser for QC Pittsburgh. He strives to continue QC Pitt’s legacy of looking good on and off the pitch.

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